Monday, August 27, 2007

Windsor Fair

The weather was lovely Sunday, we arrived at the fair just before noon and our first order of business was lunch at Kabayan. Mmm... mmm... good!

We had lumpia, pancit, empanadas and the most delicious sweet chili pepper sauce ever. Everything is home made by Emily, her husband John and their daughter help run the show.

We passed by this ride that made me think of Erica. Rat, don't you have a T-shirt with this bee on it?

I wanted to drive the kiddie train made from 55 gallon drums painted like railroad cars. I'd like to load a bunch of beer soaked buddies in those cars and take 'em for a rip around the fairground!

One of my favorite sights was after a team pulling event. A farm couple rode back to the stables on the sled they'd outfitted with an old school bus seat. I also got a kick watching a young man learn to lead his team of 3-month-old calves.

It was a wonderful day.

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