Sunday, December 21, 2008

Catching Up

I'm online this morning catching up on all the daily comics I've missed while we were without electricity. (Ice storm 2008 = lost power Thurs., Dec. 11 - power restored Thurs., Dec. 18 - phone restored Sat., Dec. 20... lemme tell ya, that was rugged. There are still thousands without power in NH, please keep them in your prayers.)

So anyway, I loved this Monty strip:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

(H)EAT on WMUR Channel 9 in NH

Check it out...Click on the screen to go to the link.
Tom Holbrook, owner of RiverRun, sent me an email. I guess a TV crew must have spoken with him.
Flannery and I should be on WMUR today between 4 and 5:30. They also said they would put the web address for (H)EAT up on their site. In 90 seconds I managed to blurb Seacoast Local, RiverRun, Primal Media, Fastgirl, Zulu Studios, Seacoast Asset Management, and Simply Green. Don't know how much of it will run...

I'm glad he mentioned me (whether it runs on television or not) but I wish people would get zulustudio right. Ho, hum. It's just like my name... forever getting mangled.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday (H)EAT Coloring Pages

The cabinet designer at Jewett Farms & Co. is also an illustrator. I traded Lynn a couple of cutting boards and some home made food-safe finish for a couple illustrations I could make into Holiday (H)EAT coloring pages. (She's also pulling another rabbit out of her magic hat for me... but I'll blog about that when it's closer to fruition.)

I'm a big kid and I still like coloring. Ask Julie. We get together to color sometimes. No kidding, man! I've got some great coloring books and a good set of pencils. Hours of clean, wholesome fun!

Anyway, Holiday (H)EAT coloring sheets... fun for the kiddies... spreading the word... it's all good. I asked Lynn to make one "heat" themed and one "eat." Not only did she draw great pictures for coloring -- she managed to include the mittens and mug I made for the Holiday (H)EAT logo! Brava!


Yesterday we finished cleaning and decorating the store front in Portsmouth, NH. Paul Sorli, owner of the Portsmouth Gas Light, is letting Holiday (H)EAT use the space Dec. 13, 20 & 21st to increase awareness, sell (H)EAT stuff, raffle off some cool loot, color pictures, make ornaments and whatever else we can think of to help inform peeps in PoTown about shopping local, building sustainable communities and helping our neighbors.