Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey Dr. Pierce, is it too late for me to be cured?

Rats! The copyright is 1903 so I guess I won't be collecting that $500 any time soon. I'm in a manic spiral of research and learning curves, fueled by financial fear... and I think I may be beyond cure! I'm an obsessive hound that keeps nibbling my hiney, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble...

I can't stop! AAaaahhhhHHH! Nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble!

I'm over-tired and delirious. I need to go to bed.

But I'm WIDE AWAKE and my brain won't stop nibbling...

... nibble, nibble, nibble...

Friday, April 8, 2011

The latest reason why I love Navy Federal Credit Union

I know it probably seems weird to love a financial institution, but I do. I was a young girl when my father was active duty Navy. He opened a Navy Federal Credit Union 'share savings' account for each of us kids. All five were encouraged to save a portion of our after-school job earnings. I'm pretty sure I was still in high school when I opened my first checking account. Upon graduation and my first full time job, I applied for a Visa card. It doesn't seem like much, but that was the 80s, before the credit card industry mutated into the abomination that it is today. NFCU was the only lender who would give me a 'real' credit card, not a savings secured credit card. I felt like they believed in me, a working class kid... they were on my side. Then, at the tender age of 19, NFCU gave me my first new car loan - with no co-signer and the absolute best interest rate I could find anywhere.

The years roll... more car loans... lenient terms when I was unemployed... increased limits on demand when I was living large... debt consolidation... financial advice... first time home buyer education... exceptional mortgage services... unbelievably easy refinancing... I could type all night. Anytime I've needed them, they've been there... and on my 25th anniversary as a member they sent a Thank You card. No, no -- Thank You.

I've been banking with NFCU all my life and they consistently provide the best rates, most accommodating customer service, and fiscally responsible management I've ever experienced. They've never had hidden fees and tricks that raise credit card interest rates. They don't sell mortgages. They don't take stupid risks. They do take good care of their members. Especially right now: Navy Federal Credit Union to Cover Pay During Shutdown

Oh, NFCU... you're my childhood sweetheart.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feelin' squirrely

This is me! I'm just a squirrel in a flying nut-mobile! That's how I feel lately when working in my office... like I'm burrorrowing. It's all good, just a lot of things going at the same time and a lot of tail chasing. Nutty is just about right, sometimes.

This is one of my favorite Kinder Surprise toys and it just seemed like a good time to take a break and have a bit of fun. I know I'm WAY too old to be so delighted by toys, but how can anyone resist something as cute and clever as this?! In my next life I want to come back as a toy designer for Kinder.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bye for now, FB.

Sleepy with the sheepy time. I've decided to put my Facebook page into hibernation for a while. Just another phase in my ongoing love/hate relationship with technology. Maybe it's because I've been on Ebay and Craigslist so much lately and it's bringing out my inner misanthrope. Maybe it's Michael's fault 'cause he's such a hermit and you know what people say about "The longer a couple is together, the more similar they become."

I wouldn't mind a little hibernation myself. Raw weather = PJs + books + an orange varmint. Alas, that is not in today's equation. I hope my Monday works out to be: USPO + MarketBucket + housework + Tilton = a good night's sleep. Those sheepies haven't been my friends lately. Hopefully it will all add up tonight.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Peanut Carrot Cakes

A couple of weeks ago I made a bunch of small carrot cakes for my mother-in-law's birthday. (We have an ongoing joke that Peanut is her favorite GrandCat, so I made a marzipan version as a cake topper.) Since then I've been craving carrot cake but not the HUGE calorie count. I've figured out that shredded carrots tossed with toasted walnuts, raisins and shredded coconut tastes almost as good as carrot cake, with just a fraction of the calories. It's a nice salad... now if I could stop thinking about the cream cheese frosting.