Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Emancipation Proclamation Anticipation

I am really looking forward to the opening of this movie! I'm more excited about Lincoln than I've been about any new film in a long time. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was probably my last crush, but it pales in comparison to this. I long see this President represented in a manner which will engage modern audiences. I hope history comes alive on screen and some how sparks curiosity or wonder about our unique democracy. It seems like we've all forgotten our high school American History and US Government & Civics classes, this might be a timely reminder. Or at the very least a patriotic appetizer to rouse a hunger for a more perfect union.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Feeling Creepy

Halloween! WooHoo! It's that time of year! Tomorrow night we're going to the Haunted Overload! I'm excited and hope it's wicked scary! (What's really scary is how many exclamation points I just used.) Here's the Lestat headstone I carved last year, and the Poe marker with ravens... spooooky.

Time Off With Friends

Julie loves to vacation in the Adirondacks, and this year she invited us to join her and her friends. Michael stayed home to force antibiotics down Peanut's gullet, and I took off to upstate New York. Autumn is my favorite season and we were able to enjoy some fine fall days in the mountains. There are old garnet mines all over the place and one afternoon we trotted out to see one.
 Four monkeys on a rock!
The foliage was past peak in some areas, but still beautiful.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Catching up

We got back from Canada last month and had a bunch of things to take care of, including an injured kitty. Peanut is fine now, things are as normal as they ever are, and I'm playing 'Catch Up' and posting a few favorite photos from our latest visit. Enjoy!
This is at French Fort Cove in Miramichi. There are picnic spots, playgrounds, boat rentals and trails to explore. The trail we took this day led us around the pond and out to the covered bridge. While we were walking around the pond we stopped a few times to snap the Touch-Me-Nots and admire the ducks. Then I found a pile of Cheerios that someone had left on a rock and was able to have a little fun feeding the fowl! The picture below was taken before the duck snacks disturbed the peace...
If you look closely there's a spot of blue peeking out from under the wings of four birds.  

These next shots were taken at the Irving Eco-Centre / La Dune de Bouctouche, a beautiful 12 km stretch of dune. We started on the boardwalk with our shoes on...
It didn't take us long to get rid of the footwear and get some sand between our toes!
 Say, "fromage!"
We walked along the dunes for miles without encountering any other people. If we had known how amazing this place was, we would have packed a lunch and brought a blanket! Next time we'll plan to spend the entire day.

On the stroll back I found this in the sand:
...what a great day.