Sunday, April 15, 2007

It Starts With One Square of Paper

Julie and I made these Origami ornaments 1,000 years ago... folded paper is sturdy if you handle it with care! These are child's play compared to some of the pieces John has made -- I would still like him to make me one of those rabbits coming out of a top hat... hint... hint. (It would be an excellent birthday present! An orchid would be nice too :o)

Hold on to your hats (paper and otherwise)! Look at this Origami flag:

One Square of Paper! The picture is very small, so see how cool it REALLY is by watching the video of how Robert J. Lang created his flag to illustrate a NY Times Magazine story.

If you want to be rendered speechless, click on his name and go to his website. Mr. Lang's art is genius. Be prepared to lose yourself for a little while...



Oie,I like you, nice pic bjus

zulustudio said...

Oi Mulher Com Olhos a Cor de Mel, obrigado para comentar em meus quadros, e saudações de Novo Hampshire! Desejo estava em Brasil com você agora mesmo, o tempo aqui não é bom hoje. Desejo-o paz! - Dominique