Monday, April 9, 2007

A Belated Happy Easter!

Cynthia, this photo is dedicated to you, my dear.

I know you're wondering how I got Erica to willingly sit for a picture...
usually she is harder to capture on film than the Loch Ness Monster.

I threatened to delay the steamy hot dinner you see -- unless everyone played nice and posed. What the heck, look at me all goofy looking because I'm cooking! AND posed weird because I was setting the timer and joining the picture. If I'm willing to be captured on "film" looking like that, she couldn't protest too much.

So when you called to wish us a "Happy Easter" and you could hear pots and pans clanging and the oven timer going off this is what it was: Hickory Smoked Ham; Wild Rice Pilaf, Green Beans and Sweet Potatoes in Garlic, Sherry and Butter; and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

We were thinking of you, kiddo. Especially during the pre- and post- dinner card games.

Oh, you would have loved it. Jason was such an Evil Monkey during multiple hands of Boom-O that nobody was feeling very nice during Mille Bournes. Julie told us a childhood story about her and her brother conspiring to make their dad "The Biggest Loser" at Rook. We decided to pass the Biggest Loser crown to Jason, who spent most of the road race card game sitting at red lights! Har, har, har!


Rat said...

Okay -- so when exactly did my head get so enormously fat and why did noone feel the need to tell me?? Dinner was fantastic and I'm sure that Maureen will forgive me for the card games one day! Thanks again Dom!

zulustudio said...

Oh Rat, you silly girl. I have MUCH more unflattering photos of your head! Hmmm... perhaps, if Cynthia needs a little stress relief (i.e. a good belly laugh) I might be convinced to post one...

Please tell Maureen "Sorry!" and "Thanks!" For our bad behaviour and for putting up with all the unsportsman like conduct. Dinner was my pleasure. Thanks for the presents!

Cynthia said...

I tried to post a comment earlier, but my computer continues to poop itself. Actually, it's more the internet not working in this house. Anyways, thanks for the taunting... and I regeret I wasn't there to impail Doi's hand on the bell.

Cynthia said...

Translation from FlyDoi-log: