Sunday, February 25, 2007

Coffee Mug Flowerpots

There are a lot of plants in our home and I'm always starting new clippings to give to friends.
Most recently, I had a bunch of baby jade plants that I'd rooted and needed to transplant. I bought these coffee mugs that look like flowerpots -- perfect for the little jades. When they outgrow these starter pots, my friends can re-use the mugs.

They were so cute I wanted to take a picture. Looks like Peanut thinks they're irresistable too.

Then, while I was taking a picture of the FlowerMugs among some other plants I noticed ...

the "Christmas" cactus has buds! I guess maybe it's an Easter cactus? Or perhaps, it's just confused. What ever the reason, there are a bunch of tiny buds starting and now that I know what's going on I'll make sure to keep it watered and rotated. It has stunning flowers and I'll post pictures when it blooms :o)

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