Monday, December 31, 2007

Lovely and Practical

This year, one Christmas gift from Julie was this lovely cable knit blanket. She picked out the yarn (perfect choice!) and her mom did an incredible job with the knitting. It's beautiful, warm, and everybody likes it - including Cynthia...and Leo & Me.A couple Christmases ago, Erica crocheted the blanket on the back of the sofa that Michael and Jason are sitting on. Now we have a nice, cozy wrap for each of us when we're chillin' in the living room. His and hers cat magnets!


Michael said...

you mean fur magnets

Jason said...

what a lovely picture of me. did you really need to photograph my spasms?

zulustudio said...

I think you always look a little spasy... I couldn't tell the difference!

(C'mon man, you left yourself wide open.)