Sunday, October 21, 2007

Forgive Me, I Couldn't Resist.

Cynthia, this Halloween Dog is for you:
Rat, this one is for you. (Of COURSE he's not as cute as Jib -- he's from the dark side)
Karen, this one is for you. He needs you to make him a catnip cake with a file baked inside. (He even has a shackle around his back leg!)
Gram, I figured out why you don't have any frozen goodies left in your ice box. The Penguin Cat Burglar!Sir Monkey, a trusty steed for you.
Don't worry Michael, there's one for you too.
Didn't you tell me you thought Princess Leia was hot?
Okay, I promise -- after this post, no more varmints in costumes.
Yes, really. I promise.
(Did I mention my Halloween costume this year is a devil?
Devils lie sometimes y'know. We'll see... we'll see...)


Cynthia said...

niiiiice. I like Sir Didimous.

Gram said...

So THAT''s where they went!!!
They were all so cute, but I still like the hot dogs the best. The prison inmate made me laugh too. That must have been one of Karen's cat who's always getting in trouble.