Friday, September 19, 2008

Hide the Car Keys

Photographic proof that Peanut is trying to make a break for it! She's most likely plotting to run away to Granma's house in CT and now realizes that she needs a better vehicle. She's a terrible planner... there are no provisions in that wagon.

Cynthia sent me this card with our Stoopey Head Kitty on it -- Michael and I cracked up when I opened the mail. Run, Peanut, run! Head toward the light!

Speaking of mail: Rat, thanks for the David Sedaris book. I received it on Sept. 10th and was surprised to see you mailed it from Pittsfield, MA on Aug. 26th! Is there a wrinkle in time between coastal NH and western MA?


Cynthia said...

Soo, my blonde was showing through when I opened the page and said to myself, "self, that looks oddly familiar.... like a card.... that I sent... to... ohhhhh..." xoD Glad it provided some entertainment value.

Rat said...

How odd... Perhaps Peanut had it in the back seat of her Radio Flyer and forgot to bring it in! I hear she's a big David Sedaris fan -- I think she'll esp appreciate the story of the back scratcher!!