Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This organization makes it possible for anyone to help developing businesses all over the world. Kiva provides micro loans, which people like you or me can help fund with as little as $25.

After reading about Kiva I checked out their website and lost myself in the profiles of small businesses in need of loans and the lenders who have joined in to help.

I found Kodjo Gabadjin's profile and decided I wanted to participate.

"A welder by trade, he has opened his workshop in one of the busy business areas of Tabligbo. With his elementary study level, Mr. Kodjo GABADJIN has always showed a perfect mastery of his profession, and through his well done work, he has been more and more sollicited. But his financial means are very limited to meet to the needs of his customers. This is why Mr. Kodjo GABADJIN requests a credit of $1,200 to buy a machine for manufacturing spare parts for "TOUR" motorcycles. The acquisition of that machine will allow him to increase his production capacity in order to better serve his customers. This will increase his income and therefore improve his family living conditions."

Hey, I ride and know how important a good bike shop is. I like small business -- I'm trying to make my own. Lots of people have helped me along the way, what a great opportunity to help a fellow entrepreneur and motorcycle enthusiast. What a cool idea Kiva is. Thanks, Kiva!

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